Wearing a Piece of Watchmaking History: Rolex Watch Cufflinks

When you think of true luxury goods, your mind is usually filled with a group of objects that most others probably think of too. Think of true luxury, what do you see? Exotic cars, vintage champagne, diamonds, multi-million dollar mansions and of course, Rolex watches.

Rolex, ever since its inception, has captured the very essence of luxury and distilled it into their watches. This is exemplified from their in-house foundry where they make their own gold, to their in-house testing facilities and their use of high-quality materials such as 904L steel. While all of this gives Rolex watches their trademark visual and external quality, it is the in-house movements that power their watches that really differentiate their watches from the rest of the pack. Rolex movements are unrivalled for their durability, quality and the overall esteem they are held to within the watch collecting community.

Rolex was founded in London, England in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis as “Wilsdorf and Davis”. The company’s original business was in the distribution of timepieces, but Wilsdorf had a vision of popularising wristwatches amongst the public. As wristwatches in the early 1900s were accurate, they were not widely adopted, so solving this was Wilsdorf’s first issue. By sourcing small and precise movements from a company in Bienne, Switzerland, Wilsdorf was able to manufacture precise watches that people would wear. Wilsdorf and Davis was then renamed as “Rolex” in 1908 after a genie revealed the name to Wilsdorf. Ever since then, the mechanical perfection of their movements has been Rolex’s prerogative.

Rolex Precision

Image from Bukowskis 

Rolex Watch Cufflinks Precision

The first of our Rolex watch movement cufflinks are the Rolex movement calibre 1400. This movement was released by Rolex in the 1960s and is the smallest movement they have ever produced, at just 13.75mm in diameter. Rolex used it in many of their ladies watches due to its small size. The calibre 1400 is one of the few Rolex movements that do not include a seconds hand of any kind, allowing as small dimensions as possible to be achieved. It is also one of the few Rolex movements to use an Incablock shock protection system. As it is a manually wound Rolex movement, there is no need for a rotor, thus allowing us to have a clear view of the movement’s inner workings, making for the perfect Rolex mechanical cufflinks.

Rolex Cellini

Image from Porcello Jewelers

Rolex Watch Cufflinks Cellini

Our second set of Rolex watch movement mechanical cufflinks is the Rolex movement calibre 1600. This movement was released by Rolex in 1964 and was exclusively used in their Cellini collection. As it was an extra flat movement due to it being manually wound, just like the calibre 1400, it made for the perfect sophisticated dress watch movement. Being 20.8mm in diameter the calibre 1600 gives us an extremely clear view of the Rolex movement, making for an intriguing pair of Rolex mechanical cufflinks.

The Rolex Cellini was created in the 1960s as Rolex began to diversify their entire roster. They sought to have their customers own multiple watches from them and to do that they needed to create a line of dress watches that would complement their already diverse range of sports watches. With this Rolex began to experiment with numerous designs of dress watches from the Cellini Prince to the Gerald Genta designed, King Midas. Due to the wide variety of designs that were released under the Cellini umbrella, it is one of the most interesting collections Rolex have ever had. The calibre 1600, the movement of most of these watches, is one of the few things that linked these watches to the Cellini collection and kept them all interconnected.

Rolex Watch Cufflinks Cellini


Limited series of Rolex watch movement cufflinks. These movements once powered watches in the famous Cellini-series. It is a medium sized cufflink measuring 20mm that adds an extra dimension to your outfit.

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Rolex Watch Cufflinks Precision


Limited series of Rolex watch movement cufflinks. These movements once powered watches in the famous Precision-series. It is a petite sized cufflink measuring 16mm making it an ideal choice to perfect your suit.

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With either of these Rolex watch movement cufflinks, you can be sure that you are wearing a piece of jewellery that is genuine horological history. From being Rolex’s smallest movement to a movement that is inextricably tied to one of Rolex’s most unique collections – these Rolex cufflinks are something you can be proud to own and wear.

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