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The G-Shock CasiOak Jellyfish Collection

The Casio G-Shock GA-2100SKE-7AER also known as the ”CasiOak Jellyfish” amongst watch collectors has been a huge hit since its launch in 2021. The nickname ‘Jellyfish’ commonly used between watch collectors refers to its transparent and skeletonized look, its official name from Casio is referenced in its reference number ‘SKE’ that stands for ‘Skeleton’.

OurG-Shock CasiOak Jellyfish Collection  comes with a playful design as the watches features hand-painted dial, index, and letter on the bezel.

IFLW Custom CasiOak Jellyfish Collection

  • Playful and super fun design
  • Shock, vibration, and stress resistance
  • Water resistance of 200m
  • 2-year warranty
  • Hand-painted in Stockholm, Sweden

In-House Research and Development

Behind the scenes in our Stockholm Production Studio, we create dozens of iterations of a single design, playing with different colors, finishes, and effects.

Every dial, bezel, and index of our G-Shock CasiOak Jellyfish watches are customized and hand-painted with high-quality colors creating a unique pattern for each watch. The colors are UV-resistant with the best opacity to ensure they will last for eternity and beyond.

Transparent Watch

Inspired by the famous Jellyfish with its transparent visual appearance, we proudly introduce our own G-Shock CasiOak Jellyfish Collection. The watches are transparent and filled with a beautiful array of colors.

The collection is as playful as it gets, with hand-painted dial, index, and letters on the bezel, all done in house in our Stockholm Production House.


Waterproof Watches

The G-Shock CasiOak Jellyfish watches are waterproof, however we would recommend against recurring use in Sea’s, Ocean’s and Swimming Pools, due to the nature of the Transparent Resin.