The Marble Watch Stand Collection

We designed our Marble Watch Stands  to be a beautiful complement to your home interior and serve as a practical Stand for your watches. Instead of using traditional jewelry trays or drawers our single and double watch stands will help you keep your watches in pristine condition when they are not worn on your wrist.

Created using only the finest materials and proudly designed and handmade by us in Stockholm, Sweden.

IFLW Marble Watch Stands

  • Playful and elegant design
  • Perfect watch display and storage
  • Unique natural marble stones
  • Handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden

Marble Watch Stands for an Elegant Home

We at IFLW decided to design and produce our own Watch Stands since we could not find the designs which we thought were especially appealing and elegant on the market. We manufacture our luxurious Watch Stands in our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

High quality is extremely important to us and something we take much pride in, we want your Watch Stand to last a lifetime. Whether you want a single or double watch stand, they both offer a safe place to keep your wristwatch and it is always easy to access.

Marble Watch Stands Leather Cushions

Prior to settling for the design of our soft-padded cushions, we tried out multiple concepts to find the best solution not only in terms of use, The soft padded cushions are made from genuine leather and installed with an angle that allows your watch to stay perfectly safe and easy to access.


Exclusive Watch Stands Marble Base

Every base is made of natural marble that is cut, polished and finished with beveled edges to enhance the luxury feeling. Since marble is a natural material every Watch Stand will be unique in its own way and no base is the other alike.

We offer many variations of marble – from genuine Carrara Marble to Guatemala Green.