Watch Winders

Your watches deserve the best, and our selection of Watch Winders delivers just that. Whether you're drawn to the mesmerizing movement of our Orbit Winder, or if you prefer the precision craftsmanship of our Swiss made winders from Swiss KubiK, you'll find the perfect match for your timepiece collection.

Watch Winder Collection

Watch winders are designed to keep an automatic watch wound and operating when it is not being worn. They are a technological marvel that combines technology and craftsmanship. They are also an excellent gift for any watch collector who owns an automatic timepiece. When they take their watch off, they can simply place it in the winder, ensuring that it will keep running until they decide to wear it again.

IFLW Watch Winders

  • Playful and fashionable
  • Keep your precious watches wound
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Movement is smooth, precise and silent
  • 2-year warranty

Is It Necessary to Have a Watch Winder?

Automatic watches are intended to be worn, not stored in a drawer. When the watch is not "exercised," the lubricants used for these complex watch mechanisms tend to migrate away from critical surfaces, resulting in a loss of accuracy.

A properly designed winder keeps unworn watches lubricated and ready to wear. It also saves the owner the trouble of resetting or adjusting their watch after periods of inactivity.

Keep Your Automatic Watches Wound

A watch winder is an electronic device that keeps automatic watches wound when not in use. If you intend to remove your watch for more than 24 hours, It can assist you in keeping your watch on time.

An automatic watch that is inactive for an extended period of time, similar to a car left in a garage, can cause stress on the movement.

It is determined by the watch movement and other watch functions known as "complications" (date, day, moon-phase, etc.). Most automatic watches will operate for 42 to 60 hours before stopping.


How do Watch Winders Work?

They work in a similar manner to the wrist movements used to wind an automatic watch while it is worn, preventing it from stopping.

Our winder collection is easy to use and user-friendly. They have two different running modes and a single button does everything. A short press engages the first operational mode, while a longer press engages the second.

Silent Watch Winders

An essential aspect you must consider when buying a winder is the noise level. Our watch winders are of top quality. They are equipped with motors that are very quiet or almost silent. They don't make a grinding sound or have a labored whirring noise.

Perpetual Calendar Watches Need a Watch Winder

A watch winder is a luxury item rather than a necessity. it is especially useful for watches that require more effort or time to set, such as those with a non-quick-set date, a moonphase, a perpetual calendar, or an annual calendar.

How Much Winding Time is Right for My Watch?

Instead of talking about winding time in minutes or hours, consider Turns Per Day (TPD). That is the number of internal rotor turns required daily to keep the specific watch wound.

Most automatic watches require 500 to 800 TPD, though some with more significant power reserves require 1300 TPD. A Rolex President, for example, requires approximately 600 TPD.

Like many other brands, Rolex watches are designed to wind in both directions. On the other hand, other watches only wind in one direction, which can be clockwise or counterclockwise.

IFLW Orbit Winders

The Orbit Winders boast luxury and elegance with its gyroscopic motion and polished concentric stainless steel rings. The Orbit Watch Winders are unique in that it perfectly replicate the motion of a tourbillon, one of the most sophisticated inventions in watchmaking history.

IFLW Swiss Kubik COllection

Swiss Kubik employs long-lasting Swiss motors known for their strength and durability. These watch winders are compatible with various watch brands and models. They silently wind the watch.

Because of the simplicity of their design in terms of its cubic shape, it is compact and can fit in a variety of places.

IFLW Orbit Winders

Explore our limited edition Star Wars Watch Winder that are unique and fun.  It is a Kross Studio product in collaboration with Star Wars © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. It harnesses the force of its powerful movement to maintain the mechanism of any automatic mechanical watch placed within the winding capsule. Winding your watch in Darth Vader's dark universe is now a reality. You will know the power of the Dark Side.