Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder
Star Wars Watch Winder

Star Wars Watch Winder

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Embrace the dark side with the Star Wars TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder, a masterpiece designed for the ultimate Star Wars aficionado. This watch winder not only ensures your timepiece is always battle-ready but also serves as a tribute to the iconic TIE Advanced x1, piloted by none other than Darth Vader himself. Crafted with precision and care, it's a symbol of the Empire's might, making it a must-have for those who align with the power and precision of the Galactic Empire.


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Star Wars TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder

Embrace the Force of Impeccable Timekeeping

Journey to a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Watch Winder, a marvel of engineering inspired by the dark universe of Darth Vader. This limited series collectible merges the iconic Star Wars saga with the precision of timekeeping, inviting you to experience the power of the Dark Side in maintaining your automatic timepieces.
Introducing the Star Wars-inspired TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder, a collaboration between Kross Studio and Star Wars © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd., designed to capture the essence of Darth Vader's legendary starfighter. Crafted for fans of the saga and aficionados of meticulous timekeeping, this winder utilizes advanced technology to keep your automatic mechanical watches in perpetual motion. Encased in a sculpture that evokes the formidable presence of the TIE Advanced x1, this winder is not just a functional device but a piece of art, offering a unique way to celebrate your allegiance to the Galactic Empire.
Star Wars TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder: Vader's Timekeeping Precision

Galactic Precision: The Ultimate Star Wars Watch Winder Experience

Embrace the Dark Side with Star Wars-Inspired Watch Care

Galactic Elegance, Earthly Precision

  • Iconic Design

    Inspired by Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1, this winder combines the thrill of Star Wars with the practicality of watch care.
  • Advanced Technology

    Equipped with an infrared sensor, it activates upon recognizing a watch, conserving energy with a standby mode when not in use.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship

    Machined from solid black anodized aluminum, each piece is hand-finished and assembled, embodying the spirit of the Empire.
  • Galactic Empire Key

    Comes with a unique key inspired by the Galactic Empire, adding an extra layer of Star Wars authenticity to the experience.

A New Hope for Watch Enthusiasts

The Star Wars Watch Winder transcends traditional functionality, offering a piece of the saga to wearers and collectors alike. Its presence in your collection serves as a constant reminder of the saga's enduring legacy and the meticulous care you devote to your timepieces. This functional sculpture integrates seamlessly into your living space or collection room, standing as a testament to your passion for both Star Wars and the art of horology.
A Fully Operational Star Wars Watch Winder Sculpture

Harness the Force: Exquisite Timekeeping with the TIE Advanced x1 Winder

Harness the Power of the Dark Side

This TIE Advanced x1-inspired winder is not merely a tool but a portal to the Dark Side, allowing you to safeguard and celebrate your watches with the power and precision of a Sith Lord. Its sophisticated design and operational efficiency make it an indispensable ally in your quest to keep time with the Force, proving that even in the realm of watch winding, Star Wars remains timeless.

Beyond its function, it stands as a piece of collectible art, echoing the iconic silhouette and menacing aura of Vader's own craft, transforming any space into a corner of the galaxy steeped in the lore of the Empire. With each rotation, it whispers tales of space battles and the immutable flow of the Force, inviting you to delve deeper into the Star Wars narrative. This winder does more than maintain your timepiece; it connects you to the epic saga, making every glance a reminder of the enduring legacy of Star Wars and the meticulous care you bring to your collection.
KrossStudio APP Screenshot - TIE Advanced x1 Winder - Star Wars Watch Winder Mobile App Overview

Intergalactic Synchronization

Command Your Winder with Ease

Elevate your timepiece maintenance with the Kross Studio Watch Winder app, designed to seamlessly integrate your winder with the digital world. With intuitive controls and customizable settings, the app ensures your prized watch is kept in perpetual motion, just as the Force perpetually moves through the galaxy.
  • Optimized Performance Tuning

    Tailor your watch winder to the unique rhythm of your timepiece, ensuring optimal winding efficiency and precision care.
  • Customizable Rotation Directions

    Whether your watch demands clockwise care or counterclockwise consideration, the app provides personalized settings for perfect performance.
  • Smart Load Adjustment

    The app's load control function monitors the winder's operation, ensuring your watch is handled with the utmost care and precision.
  • Personalized Rotation Timers

    Set specific rotation intervals for your winder, guaranteeing your watch stays wound and ready without overworking its delicate mechanics.
  • Effortless App Integration

    The Kross Studio Watch Winder app brings convenience to your fingertips, allowing for easy adjustments and monitoring from your smartphone.

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