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Integrated rubber strap for your Tissot PRX 40mm is now a reality. Equipped with the quick release system, which makes the changing process easy and smooth. Every strap comes fitted with a Stainless Steel Buckle. Made by Delugs.


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Tissot PRX Rubber Straps Collection

Colorful Bands for Every Mood

Introducing the Tissot PRX Rubber Straps – the perfect fusion of style and practicality. Now you can personalize your Tissot PRX 40mm with a spectrum of vibrant, integrated rubber straps from Delugs. Each strap is designed for a seamless fit and easy transition, allowing you to adapt your watch to every mood or occasion with the quick release system.
The Tissot PRX Rubber Straps Collection is a curated selection of high-quality FKM rubber straps, each engineered to complement your Tissot PRX with an exacting integrated fit. Available in an array of colors – from the tranquil Marine Light Blue to the classic allure of Black – these straps are crafted to enhance the wearability of your watch, catering to both the automatic and quartz versions of the PRX series. Coupled with a robust Stainless Steel Buckle, these straps are a sophisticated yet practical addition to any watch enthusiast's collection.
Colorful Tissot PRX Rubber Straps by Delugs - Style Meets Function

Delugs' Quick Release FKM Rubber Straps for Tissot PRX - Effortless Style Swap

Customize Your Tissot PRX with Durable Rubber Straps - Marine to Black Shades

Precision Fit, Diverse Palette

  • Tailored Integration

    Crafted exclusively for the Tissot PRX 40mm, these straps ensure a snug fit that reduces the overall lug-to-lug size for a more comfortable wear.
  • Quick Change System

    The straps are equipped with high-end double knob quick release spring bars, allowing for a tool-free strap change that's both fast and hassle-free.
  • Advanced Material

    Made from dust-resistant fluoroelastomer rubber, these straps resist aging, weather, and wear, while keeping dust at bay for a clean look day after day.
  • Pilot-Inspired Buckle

    Each strap features a 316L Stainless Steel Buckle, boasting a design that echoes the precision of pilot watches, and offering a refined finish to your PRX timepiece.

Personal Style, Elevated Comfort

With the Tissot PRX Rubber Straps Collection, Delugs brings a touch of personal flair to your timepiece without sacrificing comfort. Whether you're heading to the office or exploring the great outdoors, these straps provide the perfect blend of durability and style. The varied color options ensure that your watch stands out and complements your individual taste, while the high-quality rubber offers an all-day comfortable fit.
Tissot PRX Exclusive Rubber Straps Collection - Versatile Fashion for Every Wrist

Integrated Rubber Straps for Tissot PRX - Transform Your Timepiece with Delugs

Versatile, Wearable, Effortless

These straps are more than just a practical accessory; they're the embodiment of adaptability and ease. The quick release system is a silent invitation to an array of possibilities, enabling you to flawlessly switch between styles to match the day's narrative. Whether it's the calming Marine hue for a tranquil getaway or a bold Orange to add a dash of excitement to your daily attire, your Tissot PRX becomes a reflection of your mood and the setting. Each color tells its own story, a visual whisper of your journey, making these straps an indispensable ally to your watch collection. 

With Delugs’ dedication to nuanced design, these straps transform your watch into a versatile companion, ready to accompany you from the boardroom's structured tempo to the weekend's relaxed rhythm. Allow the Delugs strap to transform your Tissot PRX into an emblem of your personal flair and make each day an expression of your style, effortlessly moving through shades of comfort and elegance.

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