Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition
Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition
Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition
Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition
Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition
Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition
Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition
Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic Black Dial Limited Edition

Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept

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Product description

Embrace the cosmic dance with the Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept, an exquisitely crafted vision that brings the universe's awe-inspiring beauty to your wrist. This limited edition marvel, built on the prestigious Citizen Automatic framework, features a dial hand-painted in the captivating hues of the cosmos. The magic of celestial bodies is vividly captured through abstract pointillism by skilled artisans, transforming each dial into a wearable universe of luminous splendor.

Galactic precision meets artistic infusion in every detail, from the Citizen caliber 8210 automatic movement and the robust 40mm case to the sapphire crystal and water-resistant design. With its limited availability, it stands as a collector’s dream, promising to spark intrigue and complement your unique style, akin to wearing the infinite expanse of the universe, making every glance at your wrist a rendezvous with the stars.

Distinctive and hand-painted, no two dials are alike.
Limited to 100 pieces worldwide.


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Tsuyosa Galaxy – A Wrist-sized Universe

Timekeeping Elevated to Celestial Art

Explore the universe in its awe-inspiring splendor with the Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept, a breathtaking vision of the cosmos realized on the esteemed Citizen Automatic. This limited edition masterpiece weaves the enchantment of the cosmos into a hand-painted dial, offering a slice of the universe tailored to adorn your wrist.
The Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept is a custom artistic celebration of the mysteries of the universe. Our artisans capture the magic of celestial bodies using the abstract pointillism technique, translating the galaxy's luminous hues onto the dial's canvas. Crafted from resilient enamels that maintain their stellar radiance over time, each unique artwork is a wearable vista of cosmic splendor. Meanwhile, Citizen's esteemed Japanese engineering provides a foundation of flawless precision for this astronomically inspired concept. The Tsuyosa Automatic's robust 40mm case and smooth sweeping second hand complement the dial's artistic expression of infinity.

A constellation of only 100 pieces worldwide, the Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept is as rare as a shooting star. This exclusive series offers watch aficionados and celestial dreamers alike the opportunity to own a slice of the universe, captured on the canvas of time.
Limited edition Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept watch on Citizen Automatic, showcasing a hand-painted cosmic design.

hand-painted cosmic design.

Hand-painted celestial art on the limited edition Tsuyosa Galaxy watch, based on the reliable Citizen Automatic.

Galactic Precision, Artistic Infusion

  • Galactic Core Mechanism

    At its heart beats the Citizen caliber 8210 automatic movement, with 21 jewels and a rhythmic oscillation of 21,600 times per hour.
  • Stellar Encasement

    Enclosed within a robust 40mm stainless steel case, this timepiece is both an armor against the elements and a vessel for the cosmos.
  • Cosmic Durability

    Crafted with a sapphire crystal and water-resistant design, this timepiece is engineered to endure, just like the timeless cosmos it portrays.
  • Celestial Endurance

    With a 40-hour power reserve, the concept carries the enduring spirit of the universe, a constant companion in your exploration of time.

Horological Constellation

The Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept marries the visual splendor with the unwavering reliability of the Citizen Automatic movement, creating a timepiece that not only tells time but also tells a story of cosmic wonder. Through the skilled hands of our artisans, employing the refined technique of abstract pointillism, each watch dial becomes a unique piece of art, depicting the dynamic, ever-expanding beauty of space. This careful, artisanal process ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike, making every Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept watch a personal galaxy of its own.

Beyond its artistic allure, the watch’s foundation on the Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic signifies a commitment to reliability and precision, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic brilliance and mechanical excellence. With each glance, the dial's artistry mirrors the infinite canvas of the night in bursts of color, seamlessly interwoven with the art of precision timekeeping, making every moment a rendezvous with the stars.
Exclusive Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept watch: a limited edition Citizen Automatic masterpiece with custom, hand-painted details.

The cosmos on your wrist: limited edition, hand-painted Tsuyosa Galaxy watch on the precision Citizen Automatic movement.

Interstellar Style

Embrace the Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept as your personal emblem of cosmic curiosity and discerning taste. This timepiece transcends the conventional, evolving into a statement of personal identity and a bridge to conversations that stretch the imagination to the far reaches of the universe. With its arresting visuals and storytelling depth, it promises to spark complements and intrigue, bridging the gap between art appreciation and horological interests. As you carry a fragment of the universe with you, the Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept serves as a homage to your unique style, enhancing the everyday with a touch of the extraordinary.

As one of only 100 pieces crafted worldwide, the Tsuyosa Galaxy Concept represents a rare chance to experience horological artistry. Its exclusive limited edition status makes it a collector's item of distinction, destined to appreciate over time as an iconic symbol of innovative art-meets-technology.

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