Watch Cases

The Watch Case with slots for watches is ideal for safe travel protection or a sophisticated display to showcase your favorite timepieces.

Luxury Watch Cases

Even the most durable or expensive watch can be damaged, scratched, or broken, if it is simply left around the house. Also, it is not hard to lose or misplace your watch when you aren’t wearing it. The best way to deal with this problem is to keep your watch in a safe place. 

However, why keep your watch hidden in a drawer, or locked away in a safe? With a watch case, you can store your watch securely and stylishly, and even keep it on display. A watch case can make a fantastic household ornament.

IFLW Watch Cases

  • Elegant design
  • Higher standard of protection
  • Keep your watches safe
  • Dustproof and damage proof protection 

Colorful Camo Watch Cases

Our colorfulcamo watch cases  are designed with an exclusive IFLW camo patterns in Saffiano with  Alcantara®️ interior. The unique cushion shape offers great flexibility for various wrist sizes.

Handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy.

The Saffiano Watch Cases

IFLW Saffiano watch cases are designed to store up to ten watches. Exterior in Black Saffiano leather with a black Alcantara®️ interior. The unique cushion shape offers great flexibility for various wrist sizes. Handmade in Tuscany, Italy.


The Premium Eaton Watch Cases

Our Eaton Watch Cases can hold up to three watches. Interior is made out of Alcantara®, with removable cushions. Lock is made out of high quality aluminium to create a sleek and safe performance.

IFLW Elegant Mackenzie Watch Cases

If you’re a watch collector looking for a secure and beautiful home for your timepieces, then this Mackenzie watch protector might be the right one for you. Keep up to 10 watches safe and ready for display with the cool, marine blue aluminum and carbon fiber protective exterior and interior. You can also choose the Black Mackenzie watch case if black is your favorite color.