Meet Our New Limited Edition Concept: The Space Surfer

IFL Space Surfer Concept

Get ready for a cosmic journey with our newest limited edition release, the Space Surfer Concept! This isn't just any watch; it's a tribute to those who dream of exploring the stars. Picture yourself zipping through space, with every tick of the watch marking an exciting moment in your adventure. That's the magic of the Space Surfer Concept.

We've built this beauty on the strong and trusty Tsuyosa Automatic Series. It's more than just a device to tell time; it's a symbol of galactic exploration. Now, here's something thrilling – for the first time, we've put our hands on a Citizen watch. Known the world over for their amazing watches, working with a Citizen piece is quite an experience for us. 

The Space Surfer Concept is our way of combining the thrill of space travel with the fine art of watchmaking. It's a limited edition, making it as extraordinary as the space odyssey it represents. Gear up to carry a piece of the cosmos on your wrist!

Space Surfer Concept Realized on the Tsuyosa Automatic Series

This watch celebrates the dreamers and daredevils, those who look at life as a galaxy filled with endless possibilities, always ready to discover something new. Our space-surfer astronaut is a fun reminder that nothing should hold you back. You're free to soar among the stars!

Perfect for the trailblazers, the creators, and thinkers, this watch sees time as a canvas for adventure and creation. Each limited edition piece is a shout-out to break free from the mundane, to boldly leave ordinary paths behind, and to ride the cosmic tides of time with passion and purpose. 🌌🏄‍♂️🕒

As a final note, each Space Surfer Concept watch is a distinctive collectible, complete with a numbered certificate, underscoring its exclusivity and the unique journey it represents for every owner.

The Artistry of the Space Surfer's Dial

  • Astronautic Imagery: The dial features an astronaut surfing the cosmic waves, a unique depiction that combines artistic flair with the spirit of exploration.
  • Tsuyosa Precision: Built on the robust Tsuyosa Automatic Series mechanism, ensuring reliable timekeeping with a touch of elegance.
  • Stellar Craftsmanship: The case, forged from high-quality stainless steel, provides durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • Interstellar Endurance: Designed with everyday wear in mind, offering water resistance that meets the demands of both daily life and extraordinary adventures.
  • Galactic Palette: Each dial is a canvas of hand-painted cosmic artistry, bringing to life the vibrant colors and dynamic energy of space travel.

Watch Specs of the Space Surfer Concept Realized on the Tsuyosa Automatic Series

Brand: Citizen

Original reference: NJ0150-56E

Size: 40 mm

Movement: Automatic

Movement model: Caliber 8210

Crystal: Sapphire crystal - Superior scratch resistance and hardness

Dial color: Black

Inner case material: Stainless steel

Outer case material: Stainless steel

Bracelet material: Stainless steel

Bracelet color: Silver

Weight: 140g

Water resistance: WR50/5Bar/166ft [Suitable for Still Water Swimming]

Box: Original box
Warranty: 2-year IFL Watches warranty


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