Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition
Oris Aquis Atlantis Limited Edition

Oris Aquis Atlantis

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Product description

Dive deep into the mystery of the oceans with the custom Oris Aquis Atlantis – The Diver's Heirloom, a timepiece that brings the enigmatic allure of the deep sea to your wrist. This limited edition masterpiece marries the precision of Swiss watchmaking with the boundless beauty of underwater exploration, capturing the silent stories of the abyss in every hand-painted detail. The uniqueness of each piece is subtly underscored by the hidden limited edition number artfully integrated into the dial’s design, making every timepiece uniquely personal.

This extraordinary timepiece is accompanied by a distinctive set designed for aficionados of the sea and horological artistry:

Unique Watch Roll: Embracing the marine diver theme, this specially designed leather watch roll is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that defines the Oris Aquis Atlantis collection.

Robotoy Watch Stand: A unique display piece that showcases the timepiece's elegance even when not worn, reflecting the adventurous spirit of its owner.

Watchmaking Loupe: Allows the discerning explorer to admire the intricate details and precision engineering of their Oris Aquis Atlantis up close.

Distinctive and hand-painted, no two dials are alike. Numbered and Limited to 50 pieces worldwide.


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Oris Aquis Atlantis – The Diver's Heirloom

An Echo of the Ocean's Mystery on Your Wrist

Plunge into the ocean's heart with the Oris Aquis Atlantis. This limited edition timepiece encapsulates the essence of underwater exploration, inviting you to unlock the secrets of the deep with every tick.
Submerge into the artistry of the abyss with the Oris Aquis Atlantis. An emblem of the explorer's spirit, this timepiece captures the allure of the deep with a dial that narrates the silent tales of underwater world. Crafted for those who seek the thrill beneath the waves, this watch is a convergence of precision horology and the allure of exploration. It's an adventure strapped to your wrist, with each hand-painted detail capturing the serene dance of light through ocean waters, beckoning you to embrace the unknown.

Join an exclusive league of adventurers with the Oris Aquis Atlantis, a collection as rare as the treasures of the deep—limited to 50 unique pieces worldwide. Each timepiece harbors its number hidden within the dial's artwork, a secret shared between the watch and its wearer.
Oris Aquis Atlantis limited edition diver watch showcasing underwater exploration artistry on dial

Hand-painted Oris Aquis Atlantis watch dial with ocean depths theme for luxury diving enthusiasts

Exclusive Oris Aquis Atlantis - a tribute to deep-sea adventures with unique underwater artwork

Marine Mastery, Oceanic Elegance

  • Timekeeper of the Tides

    With a water resistance of up to 30 bar (300m / 1000ft), each dive becomes a trustful journey, escorted by precision and reliability.
  • Luminescent Horizon

    Superluminova indexes shimmer like bioluminescent creatures against the backdrop of an intricately hand-painted Atlantis narrative.
  • Time’s Vanguard

    The domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating stands as a steadfast guardian, ensuring clarity amidst the mesmerizing tumult of the underwater odyssey.

The Spirit of Timeless Exploration

At the very brink of the known world, where the stories of old whisper of sunken splendor, the Oris Aquis Atlantis finds its muse. Drawn from the enigmatic beauty of the ocean's vast and unseen landscapes, this timepiece is a homage to the intrepid spirit of deep-sea explorers. Its artistry captures the shimmering dance of light across Atlantis, an undersea realm etched into legends, where every second is a brushstroke of marine marvels and ancient mystery. The Atlantis edition is a tribute not just to what lies beneath the waves, but to the daring soul who yearns to dive deeper and gaze longer, embracing the serene yet vibrant life that thrives in the sanctum of the sea.
Oris Aquis Atlantis featuring precision engineering and marine-inspired design for collectors

Elegant Oris Aquis Atlantis dive watch limited to 50 pieces worldwide, blending horology with oceanic exploration

Masterpiece of the Mariner

Every component of the Oris Aquis Atlantis is meticulously assembled by certified watchmakers, ensuring a masterpiece that withstands the trials of time and tide. The stainless steel bracelet, a gleaming circlet of durability, clasps your wrist with the assurance of a seasoned mariner. Inside, the rhythm of the movement is as steady and silent as the currents that have whispered secrets for millennia.

Each watch in this limited series stands as a sentinel of individuality, where the wearer becomes the custodian of a story—a legend on their wrist that is a vessel of discovery, a celebration of the relentless pursuit of the unknown. It embodies the art of horological excellence and the thrill of maritime adventure, meticulously crafted to accompany you as you chart your own course through life’s vast waters.

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