Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Limited Edition
Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Limited Edition
Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Limited Edition
Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Limited Edition
Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Limited Edition
Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Limited Edition

Oris Divers 65 Aeroman

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Product description

Explore the skies with the customized Oris Aeroman, a daring rendition set upon the Oris Divers Sixty-Five 'Cotton Candy' with its vibrant Green Dial. This edition takes you on a high-flying adventure with Thor, the Oris Bear, piloting a hot air balloon through candy clouds. Each timepiece is a celebration of fearless creativity, with Thor's aerial odyssey intricately illustrated, and each balloon subtly bearing the unique number of its edition.

Distinctive and hand-painted, no two dials are alike.
Limited to 25 pieces worldwide.


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    Oris Aeroman

    Soaring Above Convention

    Take your personal style to new heights with the Oris Aeroman, a limited edition timepiece that embodies the spirit of adventure and playful elegance. Drawing inspiration from the majestic hot air balloons of Cappadocia, this watch is a passport to a fantastical Candyland, where imagination takes flight on your wrist.
    The Oris Aeroman Limited Edition watch transports you to an ethereal realm where time floats among candy clouds. Inspired by the whimsical landscapes of Cappadocia and the sweet delight of candy, this exceptional timepiece features Thor, the Oris Bear, embarking on an aerial journey in a hot air balloon. The green dial serves as a canvas for the enchanting artwork, meticulously hand-painted with UV-resistant enamel paints, echoing the awe of discovery with every tick. This masterpiece, limited to 25 pieces, captures the essence of playfulness with its hand-painted green dial, where each balloon carries the exclusive limited edition number.
    Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Limited Edition
    Oris Divers 65 Aeroman Boogeyman Limited Edition

    Oris Aeroman: A symphony of hand-painted artistry on a custom dial, each piece a harmonious blend of imaginative art and precision watchmaking, uniquely numbered to tell its own story. A limited edition marvel, available to only 25 enthusiasts globally.


    Craftsmanship in Candy Hues

    Unveiling layers of artistry, the Oris Aeroman is a testament to the meticulous process of watch customization. A week-long, layered painting process ensures each detail of Thor's balloon ride against the green dial is captured with precision. Assembled by certified watchmakers, this limited edition watch reflects IFL's commitment to craftsmanship and individuality.

    A Confectionery of Features

    Beyond its alluring aesthetic, the Oris Aeroman is a marvel of Swiss engineering. Featuring the robust Oris Calibre 733 movement and housed in a durable stainless steel case, this watch is a fortress of timekeeping precision. Its domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating ensures that every adventurous moment is crystal clear.

    IFL Watches is an independent brand offering bespoke luxury products and customizations. All watch customizations are commissioned by our clients, for personal use only. We do not manufacture watches. Nor are we affiliated with, or authorized by, the original manufacturers of the watches, unless stated otherwise. Our customizations are conducted in an entirely independent capacity. Any brands mentioned on our website, e-mails, marketing campaigns or social media are strictly for the purpose of reference only. All manufacture warranties are void when ordering a customized timepiece from IFL Watches. IFL offers an independent warranty for a minimum of 2 years on all our Customized Products.

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