Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting
Route 420 Wall Art Painting

Route 420

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Join a road trip with MrArtPride, through his captivating artwork that takes you on a whimsical journey. Skillfully hand-painted with oil and acrylics on canvas, this one-of-a-kind piece invites you to explore a surreal fusion of iconic characters: Popeye and Snoop Dogg cruising together on a California highway. That sparks imagination and laughter, right? The meticulous crafting of each brushstroke is what truly makes this artwork genuinely unique. This art piece is authenticated, hand-painted, and signed by the artist, MrArtPride. Immerse yourself in the playful world of 'Route 420' and let your imagination soar.

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm (39.3 x 39.3 inch).


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Watch Art by MrArtPride

A Riot of Color and Concept

Delve into the audacious and vivid world of MrArtPride, where each canvas bursts with a dynamic fusion of pop culture, vibrant hues, and provocative themes, intertwining the essence of watchmaking with audacious artistry.
In the vibrant and expressive universe of MrArtPride, artistic bravery and visual storytelling converge. Merging oil paint with media art, a self-taught visionary crafts pieces that are not just visually striking but also rich in irony and sarcasm. His creations offer more than aesthetic appeal; they are powerful narratives that challenge the norms, making each piece a statement of rebellion and extravagance. These artworks are perfect for those who seek to showcase their passion for watches in a way that's as unapologetically bold as their own style.
MrArtPride's 'Route 420' Canvas Art - Whimsical Journey with Popeye and Snoop Dogg in Oil and Acrylic

MrArtPride's 'Louis Bouquet' Artwork - Fusion of Vintage Louis Vuitton and Luxury Watches in Oil and Acrylic Paints

MrArtPride's 'No F#$ks Given' Painting - Artistic Expression of Freedom and Individuality in Oil and Acrylic

Canvas of Rebellion

  • Vivid and Bold

    Each artwork is a riot of colors, embodying the essence of pop culture and extravagant art.
  • Statement Artworks

    Designed to make a bold statement, each piece is a reflection of MrArtPride's unique vision.
  • Mixed Media Mastery

    A unique blend of oil paint and media art, bringing depth and texture to every piece.
  • Provocative Themes

    MrArtPride's creations explore diverse and passionate topics, striking a chord with the heart of the viewer.
  • Timeless Conversations

    Merging the art of watchmaking with contemporary themes, these pieces are conversation starters, evoking thoughts and discussions.

Bold Statements, Timeless Impressions

MrArtPride's creations are more than just wall art; they are manifestations of a bold, unbound spirit. Each piece is a tribute to the artist's fearless approach to exploring and expressing themes of diversity, identity, and pop culture. Owning a MrArtPride artwork means embracing art that doesn't just adorn a space but transforms it, encouraging viewers to ponder and appreciate the unconventional beauty and complexity of the human experience. These artworks are not mere decorative pieces; they are powerful statements that resonate with a deeper understanding of cultural nuances and artistic boldness.
MrArtPride's 'Tiffany Riot' - Vibrant Patek Philippe Tiffany Watch Market Scene in Oil and Acrylic Paints - Close up

MrArtPride's 'Route 420' Canvas Art - Whimsical Journey with Popeye and Snoop Dogg in Oil and Acrylic - Close up

An Ode to Extravagance in Every Stroke

Integrating a MrArtPride piece into your collection is an embrace of extravagance and a nod to individualism. His art is not just an addition to your décor; it's a reflection of a lifestyle that celebrates bold choices and unfiltered expression. Each artwork, with its intricate details and evocative symbolism, adds an element of intrigue and audacity to your space, making it a focal point that's not just seen but experienced.

In choosing a MrArtPride creation, you're not just acquiring art – you're inviting a piece of cultural dialogue and artistic bravery into your life, elevating the ordinary to the realm of extraordinary.

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