Swiss KubiK Masterbox – Turqoise Leather
Swiss KubiK Masterbox – Turqoise Leather
Swiss KubiK Masterbox – Turqoise Leather
Swiss KubiK Masterbox – Turqoise Leather

Swiss KubiK Masterbox – Turquoise Leather

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Swiss KubiK makes some of the most reliable winders in the world. The Masterbox is easy to use and offers a convenient way to keep your automatic watch wound. The rotation speed is programmable via USB and/or Bluetooth, it operates silently and is powered by either two standard C-type batteries or plugged directly into a power supply. Display beautifully in your home or store in a safe. 


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Swiss KubiK Watch Winders Collection

Keep Time Moving with Swiss Precision

Elevate the care of your automatic watches with the Swiss KubiK Watch Winder Collection, a harmonious blend of Swiss innovation and aesthetic sophistication. Designed to maintain the precision of your timepieces, Swiss KubiK winders offer a silent, efficient, and elegant solution to keep your watches wound and ready at all moments.
Introducing the Swiss KubiK Watch Winder Collection: the epitome of Swiss-made excellence engineered for the aficionado of automatic timepieces. From the user-friendly Startbox to the customizable Masterbox, each winder is crafted to echo the natural movement of your wrist, ensuring your watch remains in perpetual motion. Operating quietly on C-type batteries or an external power supply, and available in an array of colors, these winders are not just functional; they are a statement of style and a nod to the meticulous care of your cherished watches.
Swiss KubiK Watch Winder: Precision Care for Automatic Timepieces

Elegant Swiss-Made Watch Winders by Swiss KubiK in Vibrant Colors

Silently Powering Time: Swiss KubiK's Masterpiece Watch Winders

Seamless Elegance, Timeless Motion

  • Swiss-Made Precision

    Celebrating Swiss craftsmanship, each winder is a masterpiece of reliability, designed to extend the life and performance of your automatic watches.
  • Elegant and Compact Design

    With a cubic shape and a vast selection of colors, Swiss KubiK winders add a touch of elegance to any space while being perfectly sized for both home and travel use.
  • Silent Operation

    Engineered for tranquility, these winders work silently, blending seamlessly into any setting without disruption.
  • Dual Power Options

    Flexibility in operation with either C-type batteries or direct power supply, ensuring your watches are maintained even in the absence of immediate electrical outlets.

Swiss Marvel of Technology and Design

Swiss KubiK Watch Winders stand as a testament to Swiss ingenuity, boasting the coveted Swiss-made label that signifies unmatched quality and technological prowess. These winders not only serve as a protective case but also as an automatic caretaker for your timepieces, embodying a perfect marriage of form and function. Their compact, cubic design ensures they fit effortlessly in any environment, from office desks to bedside tables, making them an essential companion for both stationary and on-the-go lifestyles.
Compact Elegance: Swiss KubiK Watch Winders for the Aesthetic Aficionado

Travel-Ready Swiss KubiK Watch Winders: Your Timepieces' Perfect Companion

Elegantly Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Beyond their functional excellence, Swiss KubiK Watch Winders are designed with personal expression in mind. Offering a playful yet sophisticated array of colors, each winder is an invitation to reflect your style and the care you extend to your timepieces. Whether showcased on a countertop or tucked safely in a travel bag, these winders ensure your automatic watches are not just stored but celebrated, ready to accompany you on every new adventure.

The customizable features, including programmable rotation speeds, embody the brand's commitment to catering to the individual needs of each watch enthusiast, making each piece an essential accessory for the modern lifestyle. Moreover, the blend of technology and design excellence showcases Swiss KubiK's dedication to innovation, ensuring that your cherished timepieces receive the utmost care in the most stylish manner possible. These winders not only serve as a functional necessity but also as a reflection of your personal journey with time, enhancing the bond between you and your collection.

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