Table Clock NT 8 GT Black
Table Clock NT 8 GT Black
Table Clock NT 8 GT Black
Table Clock NT 8 GT Black
Table Clock NT 8 GT Black
Table Clock NT 8 GT Black
Table Clock NT 8 GT Black
Table Clock NT 8 GT Black

Table Clock NT 8 GT Black

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Product description

The NT 8 GT Table Clock is an emblem of precision engineering and aesthetic grace, marrying the traditional art of clockmaking with the boldness of modern design. Housed in a sleek case of aluminium and glass, this timepiece is powered by a manual-winding mechanical movement with an impressive 170-hour power reserve, encapsulating the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. The design introduces a unique way of marking time through a geometrically captured minute increments system, offering precision in every glance.

Incorporating influences from the precision of aviation and the elegance of high-end sports cars, the gear train features contemporary spokes that mirror the complex design of luxury automobile rims, creating a striking visual appeal. The clock's aesthetic is further enhanced by a skeletonized chapter ring that facilitates an accurate reading of time, surrounded by a blown-glass dome that sits on an aluminium base, accented with functional yet decorative cranks for leveling. With its intricate design and the strategic use of materials, the NT 8 GT stands as a remarkable piece of horological art that celebrates the fusion of age-old tradition with the boundless possibilities of modern design.


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NT 8 GT Haute Horlogerie Skeleton Desk Clocks

A New Vision in Timekeeping Art

Introducing the NT 8 GT Table Clock Collection – a masterpiece of horological engineering, where the art of traditional clockmaking is infused with modern aesthetics and innovation. Crafted with passion and precision by Matthias Naeschke, a name synonymous with unmatched craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection in the realm of high horology.
Within the heart of the NT 8 GT Table Clock Collection lies a harmonious fusion of heritage and innovation, meticulously brought to life by Matthias Naeschke. This collection stands as a beacon of horological excellence, featuring clocks that are a testament to the meticulous art of clockmaking. With bodies crafted from aluminium and glass, each piece in this collection marries the lightweight elegance of modern design with the timeless sophistication of traditional craftsmanship. The collection captivates with its unique features, such as the skeletonized chapter ring that elegantly captures time and the visually striking gear train inspired by the engineering prowess of luxury sports cars. It's an ode to those who appreciate the delicate balance between aesthetic beauty and mechanical precision, a true masterpiece of temporal artistry.
NT 8 GT skeleton desk clock with intricate movement and aluminum automotive-inspired wheels.

Matthias Naeschke Haute Horlogerie clock showcasing its skeletonized movement and geometric time display.

Matthias Naeschke NT 8 GT handcrafted luxury table clock with intricate skeletonized movement and polished brass detailing.

Timeless Craft, Modern Design

  • Skeletonized Elegance

    The openworked main plates, reminiscent of an airplane wing's filigree skeleton, showcase the clockwork in a mesmerizing display of precision, made possible by an aluminium alloy that combines strength with ethereal lightness.
  • Automotive Inspiration

    Inspired by the filigree rims of exclusive sports cars, the contemporary spokes of the gear train are a marvel of engineering and design, offering a striking visual effect that’s both innovative and deeply bowled for an appealing mechanical vista.
  • Geometric Time Capturing

    Abandoning traditional numerals for a skeletonized chapter ring, this collection introduces a novel way to read time with precision through geometrically captured minute increments, ensuring every moment is marked with accuracy.
  • Art Meets Functionality

    Encased in a blend of traditional blown-glass art and an aluminium base with decorative cranks for leveling, the NT 8 GT is as much a work of art as it is a precision timepiece, offering a harmonious balance of aesthetic delight and functional brilliance.

Artisanal Journey: Press Play

A Masterpiece of Engineering and Aesthetics

The NT 8 GT table clock collection emerges from a blend of avant-garde engineering and material innovation, setting a new standard in the realm of temporal artistry. The use of aluminum and glass in crafting the clock case is a nod to the future of clock design—melding lightweight resilience with an ethereal transparency that captures the essence of time. At the heart of each timepiece lies a skeletonized movement, a feat of mechanical ingenuity that offers an intimate view into the clock's rhythmic precision. Inspired by the aerodynamic finesse of airplane wings and the elegance of luxury sports cars, the gear train boasts contemporary spokes that blend seamlessly with traditional polished brass rims, presenting a visual spectacle of motion and stillness. 

This harmonious integration of materials and design not only underscores the collection’s modernity but also its commitment to an enduring legacy of quality and innovation, making each NT 8 GT clock a marvel of engineering and a masterpiece of horological art. It is a celebration of Matthias Naeschke's visionary approach to clockmaking, where each creation is a bridge between the rich tapestry of the past and the dynamic potential of the future, offering a unique piece of temporal artistry for the discerning individual.
Exquisite key of Matthias Naeschke’s NT 8 GT table clock, embodying elegance in functionality for winding the precision-engineered skeleton movement.

Luxurious German-made desk clock from the GPHG award-winning NT 8 GT skeleton collection.

Matthias Naeschke – The Heartbeat of Horological Heritage

Set amidst the serene Hohenzollern town of Haigerloch, the Matthias Naeschke clock manufactory stands as a beacon of horological excellence, where the legacy of timekeeping is preserved and enriched with each masterpiece that leaves its workshop. Founded on the unparalleled skill and passion of Matthias Naeschke, a virtuoso clockmaker and a devout musician, this manufactory is a place where the meticulous art of clockmaking is celebrated.

From the initial design to the final assembly, each NT 8 GT table clock is a testament to the dedication that has defined this family-run atelier since 1984. The manufactory's commitment to crafting the world's finest clocks is evident in their hands-on approach: every wheel, every pinion, and every delicate component is fashioned within its walls, ensuring that each timepiece is not just an instrument of time but a symbol of inherited craftsmanship destined to endure for generations.

Time Honored by the GPHG Award

The NT 8 GT Table Clock Collection’s distinction was globally acknowledged when it garnered accolades at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), often hailed as the Oscars of the watchmaking world. This honor highlights the collection's innovation, craftsmanship, and the extraordinary beauty that set it apart in the competitive realm of horology. Recognition by the GPHG not only celebrates the technical excellence and aesthetic appeal of the NT 8 GT but also affirms its significance within the intricate tapestry of timekeeping history. Such esteemed acknowledgment from the pinnacle of horological awards underscores the collection's role in pioneering a new chapter for the art of clockmaking, one where precision and design coalesce to captivate and inspire.
Modern horology masterpiece: NT 8 GT skeleton clock with automotive-inspired gear train and blown glass dome.

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