Exclusive Reveal: Limited Edition CasiOak Octo, Oris Boogeyman, and Aeroman

Limited Edition CasiOak Octo, Oris Boogeyman, and Aeroman

In the heart of December, as the world twinkles with holiday lights and resonates with the spirit of joy and togetherness, we at IFL Watches are thrilled to unveil something truly special. This festive season, our gift to the world of horology is not just one, but three limited-edition timepieces that embody the essence of fun and playfulness. It's a time when happiness is shared, and what better way to celebrate than with our exclusive watch collection?

Introducing the CasiOak Octo, Oris Boogeyman, and Oris Aeroman - each a masterpiece in its own right, hand-painted with utmost care and affection by our in-house team of skilled artists. 

The CasiOak Octo, adorned with an Octo theme, is a marvel of design and craftsmanship. Our Oris watches feature dials that capture the fun and festive spirit of the holiday season, making them more than just timekeepers; they are joyful expressions of the season. The latest additions, Aeroman and Boogeyman, complete the distinctive trilogy within the Oris Divers 65 Candy Collection initiated by Candyman.

But here's something to keep in mind: exclusivity is key with these treasures. The CasiOak Octo is limited to just 150 pieces, while each of the Oris models - Boogeyman and Aeroman - is capped at 25 pieces. In a season of giving, these watches are not just gifts; they are statements of love, thoughtfulness, and rarity. Don't hesitate, as pieces this unique don't stay on the shelves for long. 

Now, let's dive deeper into the world of our new limited edition CasiOak Octo, Oris Boogeyman, and Aeroman.

CasiOak Octo

Explore the wonders of the sea with our custom G-Shock CasiOak Octo watch. It's where the durability of G-Shock meets the calm beauty of the ocean. The watch showcases a beautiful, hand-painted dial, featuring an underwater scene where a majestic octopus and colorful coral reefs take the spotlight. It's like having a piece of the ocean's heart with you all the time. Each watch is a masterpiece of detailed art, carefully created to make the marine world come alive on your wrist.

Just like the ocean itself, each CasiOak Octo watch is unique - no two dials are exactly the same. And with only 150 pieces available worldwide, this watch isn't just a timepiece, it's a rare treasure from the depths of the ocean. Grab yours and dive into a world of aquatic beauty!

Oris Boogeyman

Celebrate the holidays with our special Oris Boogeyman watch, a beautiful and unique version of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five 'Cotton Candy' with a Pink Dial. Picture the fun as Thor, the Oris Bear, turns into a cheeky Christmas character. Every watch face tells a story of Christmas joy with Thor, making each moment magical. What's more, every watch has a secret number hidden in its design, making each one truly one-of-a-kind.

Each Oris Boogeyman watch is a work of art, hand-painted and completely unique - no two are the same. Remember, there are only 25 of these special watches available around the world, so they're really special. Grab one and make your holiday season even more memorable!

Oris Aeroman

Take off into the clouds with our Oris Aeroman watch, a bold and lively creation based on the Oris Divers Sixty-Five 'Cotton Candy' with a vibrant Green Dial. This special edition invites you on an exhilarating journey with Thor, the Oris Bear, as he pilots a hot air balloon through whimsical candy-colored clouds. Each watch is a tribute to adventurous imagination, showcasing Thor's high-flying escapade in detailed art. Every balloon in the illustration subtly incorporates the unique number of the watch, making each one a collectible.

Crafted with care and creativity, each Oris Aeroman dial is hand-painted, ensuring no two watches are exactly the same. With only 25 pieces available globally, this watch is not just a timekeeper; it's a piece of art that celebrates the spirit of adventure and the joy of the skies. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this limited, sky-high adventure!

Watch Specs of Our New Limited Edition CasiOak Octo

Brand: G-Shock

Model: CasiOak

Size: 45 mm

Movement: Module 5611

Original reference: GM-2100BB-1AER

Crystal: Mineral crystal

Dial color: Turquoise, blue

Inner case material: Carbon core  

Outer case material: Stainless steel

Bracelet material: Cloth

Bracelet color: Black

Weight: 72 gr

Water resistance: 20 atm

Shoch resistance: Yes
Box: IFLW custom box
Warranty: 2-year IFL Watches warranty

Oris Boogeyman and Aeroman

Watch Specs of Our New Limited Edition Oris Boogeyman and Aeroman

Brand: Oris

Model: Divers Sixty-Five

Size: 38 mm

Movement: Swiss automatic Oris Cal. 733

Winding: Automatic 

Crystal: Domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating 

Inner case material: Stainless steel  

Outer case material: Stainless steel

Bracelet material: Stainless steel

Bracelet color: Silver

Weight: 120 gr

Water resistance: 100 m / 330 ft
Box: Original box
Warranty: 2-year IFL Watches warranty

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