Introducing Our Limited Edition CasiOak Black Metal Galaxy

CasiOak Black Metal Galaxy

We are thrilled to unveil a remarkable new addition to our collection - the limited edition G-Shock CasiOak Black Metal Galaxy. A timepiece that blends the wonders of the cosmos with the precision of horology, it is indeed a bold leap into the next frontier of watch design. 

Limited to just 200 pieces worldwide, the G-Shock CasiOak Black Metal Galaxy is a testament to our commitment to rarity and uniqueness. This watch carries the spirit of the extraordinary, redefining the norm with its enchanting aesthetics and resilient functionality.

The dial of this majestic watch is a spectacle in itself. It features a hand-painted abstract pointillism artistry that draws in the beholder with a charm that's nothing short of galactic. In sync with its stunning visuals, the watch offers robust durability, courtesy of its shockproof construction.

The G-Shock CasiOak Black Metal Galaxy is more than just a style statement; it's a beacon of cutting-edge technology. With its Bluetooth-connected movement and Tough Solar technology, the watch promises long-lasting operation without the need for frequent battery changes.

The casing, made from sturdy stainless steel, exudes a celestial aura. The design defies traditional conventions while embodying the aesthetic legacy we've built over the years. Its meticulously painted dial echoes the vibrant color spectrum of the cosmos, while the rainbow bezel adds a striking array of colors that make this timepiece a prized possession.

True to the G-Shock DNA, this watch isn't short of useful features. It includes a handy phone finder, a neo-display that illuminates in the dark, a brilliant LED light display, world time function for major cities across the globe, and a full auto calendar.

Each G-Shock CasiOak Black Metal Galaxy is presented in a custom IFL Watches Box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a 2-year warranty.

Watch Specs of Our Limited Edition CasiOak Black Metal Galaxy

Brand: G-Shock

Model: CasiOak

Size: 45 mm

Movement: Module 5691

Weight: 165g

Crystal: Mineral crystal
Inner case material: Carbon core

Outer case material: Stainless steel

Dial color: Black, abstract pointillism
Bracelet color: Black
Bracelet material: Stainless steel

Water resistance: 200m

Shock resistance: Yes
Box: IFLW custom box
Warranty: 2-year IFL Watches warranty


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