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Who doesn't know the controversial figure who was once the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump? His personality is well-known worldwide. And for the watch community, his watch collection was also considered classy. Not only his controversial figure that is popular, but also his wife who always stands by his side, Melania Trump. Melania, a Slovenian-American former model and businesswoman, has been a figure of elegance and style throughout her tenure as the First Lady from 2017 to 2021. Her poise and fashion sense have often been the subject of admiration and speculation alike.

As First Lady, Mrs. Trump focused a lot on problems that children face. She used her position to tell people about the risks of using opioids too much. She often went to hospitals and places where kids get care to meet with them. Mrs. Trump also traveled around the country and to other countries to talk with students and learn about the problems they deal with.

In this post, however, we turn our attention from the political storms often associated with the Trumps to the more subtle and refined aspects of Melania's persona – her discerning choice of timepieces. While Donald Trump’s watch collection has caught the eye of many, Melania’s selection of watches offers a different perspective, characterized by understated luxury and sophistication. Though she has been frequently seen wearing only two of different watches, each piece tells a story of its own, reflecting her unique taste and the intricate world of luxury horology.

So, let's get started without any further delay. Let's explore Melania Trump watch collection.

Melania Trump Watch - Vacheron Constantin 'Kall Duchesse' 81750/S01G-9198

Melania Trump Watch - Vacheron Constantin

Melania Trump Watch - Vacheron Constantin 'Kall Duchesse' 81750/S01G-9198

Melania Trump, known for her love of fancy things, made headlines when she was seen wearing a very expensive watch. This watch, made by Vacheron Constantin and called the Kalla Duchesse, has a lot of diamonds on it. It has 182 diamonds cut in a trapeze shape, 560 diamonds cut in a rectangle shape, and 98 more sparkling diamonds on its face. This beautiful watch has a special model number (81750/S01G-9198) and costs about $1,275,000.

The Kalla Duchesse watch shows Melania’s elegant style. It's not just a sign of wealth, but also shows the skill and care Vacheron Constantin puts into making their watches. The diamonds are top-notch, and the design shows a lot of craftsmanship.

The watch has a case made of white gold, measuring 30 x 36 mm, and is covered in 560 rectangle-shaped diamonds. The face of the watch shines with 98 more diamonds. The diamonds cut in a trapeze shape make the watch look even more special.

Vacheron Constantin has been making luxury watches for more than 260 years. They're known for their very detailed and complex watches, and the Kalla Duchesse is a great example of their work. Agree?


Melania Trump Watch - Rolex Day-Date 128345RBR with a Slate Grey Dial

Melania Trump Watch - Rolex Day-Date 128345RBR with a Slate Grey Dial

Melania Trump Watch - Rolex Day-Date 128345RBR with a Slate Grey Dial

This photo was taken before she became the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). In it, she's wearing a Rolex Day-Date watch. The dial color is hard to tell - it looks like it could be slate-grey, but it might also be brown. Either way, the watch is fancy with diamonds around the edge and diamond markers for the hours. It also has the famous Presidential bracelet.

If I'm right, then the watch she's wearing is the Rolex Day-Date model 128345RBR. On the secondary market (Jan 2024), it sells for ~$60,000.



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