A Gentleman’s Valet Tray

A Gentleman’s Valet Tray


Watch maintenance and display are critical components for any watch collector. Specifically, the Gentleman’s Valet Tray comes in handy here. When choosing a design, appearance as well as capacity should be taken into account.

In contrast to traditional valet trays, this is a modern and elegant tray.

About IFL

A Gentleman’s Valet Tray

IFL was founded in 2019 with the intention of being one-of-a-kind, creative, and daring. They began in a Stockholm suburb as a group of watch geeks and friends. As a result, their primary goal is to write a new chapter in history by combining their interests in wristwatches, pop culture, and enterprise development. 

IFL progressed from simply selling watches to designing and manufacturing their own line of watches and storage devices. Additionally, they collaborate with top-tier steel, leather, and marble manufacturers. They’ve opened an Art Gallery since their initial launch, with incredible artists collaborating to create one-of-a-kind decorative pieces for your home.

Watch Trays by IFL

Here are some examples of valet trays that we at IFL watches offer;

Grey Epsom Valet tray — Small:

The size is 15.8 cm x 15.8 cm (6.2” x 6.2”) folded is the size of this product. Price is 99 Euros.

Grey Epsom Valet tray — Large:

When folded, the size of this tray is 18.8 cm x 18.8 cm (7.4” x 7.4”). The price lies at 119 Euros.

Blue Epsom Valet tray — Small:

The size of this valet tray , foldend, are 15.8 cm x 15.8 cm (6.2” x 6.2”). The price is 99 Euros.

Blue Epsom Valet tray — Large:

When folded, the dimensions of this valet tray is 18.8 cm x 18.8 cm (7.4” x 7.4”). However, 119 Euros is the price for this product.

Black Epsom Valet tray — Small:

In a folded position, the measurements for this valet tray is 15.8 cm x 15.8 cm (6.2” x 6.2”). Also, the price for this product is 99 Euros.

Black Epsom Valet tray — Large:

In a folded position, the size is of this valt tray is 18.8 cm x 18.8 cm (7.4” x 7.4”). The price is 119 Euros.

Features of Our Valet Trays:

  • Handmade from high-quality materials and used Epsom leather.
  • Simple to transport and store. Also, it is very convenient and fashionable.

Why Buy a Gentleman’s Valet Tray?

Whether at home or away, organize your jewellery and belongings elegantly. Our valet trays are undoubtedly ideal for storing your daily necessities. Hence, organize your phone, wallet, keys, cufflinks, watches, coins, and other daily carry items.

The Ideal Gift for Any Occasion

Undoubtedly, our handcrafted finest quality calfskin valet trays designed for the modern home are a perfect gift for any occasion.

Easy to Use

Unlike other valet trays on the market, with high quality snap-on buttons in each corner, our valet trays are simple to assemble. Additionally, it is a perfect leather tray organizer that folds up flat for easy travel.

Exclusive Hand-painted

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