Royal Casioak watches from IFL Watches

Royal Casioak watches from IFL Watches

Anyone looking for royal casioak need look no further than the range of Casioak watches that are offered by IFL Watches. This brand has been extremely popular, particularly when a limited edition piece is produced. The Rainbow Edition ‘CasiOak’ sold out in just 48 hours. 

Royal Casioak watches from IFL Watches

Watch models such as the G-Shock GA-2100-1AIER have been very popular ever since they were launched just three years ago. The model’s nickname is a reminder of a similar model produced by another brand, which also features the octagonal bezel. The rainbow range of the royal casioak brand are popular because of their clever use of colors.

Watch models

The Casioak Galaxy Limited Edition is a hand-painted model, finished by the ‘Dial Artist’. There are just 200 of this model and the rainbow theme is featured on both the indices and the bezel. Each watch is unique, thanks to the fact that they are handpainted, so each will differ slightly from the others in the collection.

The Grey Rainbow model is another option in this range along with the CasiOak Pepsi. The latter features a blue and red bezel. The Black Rainbow version is set to become another classic collector’s piece.

Watch construction

The royal casioak watches are created from a exceedingly strong resin material. This has been reinforced with the inclusion of carbon fibers, which means that the case is just 11.8 mm. This is the thinnest case of all the G-Shock range. It is also 45 mm in diameter but it can still be comfortably worn by those who have a smaller wrist.

CasiOak specifications

The watches have a number of great features including an analogy time display and a day of the week feature.  There is a mineral crystal featured in the watches and all of the bezels are hand=painted. There is an auto-light feature and a Super Illuminator. All of the models in this range are water resistant to a depth of around 200 metres. They are also shock resistant, ensuring the wearer can keep them in good condition the whole time.

All of the watches come in an original branded box and feature original papers of authentication. IFL Watches offers a 2 year guarantee on all of the watches in this range.

With a number of different versions of these models available through the IFL Watches site, finding a unique watch that makes a clear statement is easy. The site details all of the specifications of each model, making it easy to see at a glance the features of each one.

Add to this the elegant design of the royal CasiOak range and you have a watch that will look good for every day, casual wear or for a more formal and dressy occasion. Whichever you need it for, you can be sure that you’ve chosen a quality timepiece that is guaranteed and will not let you down when you need it the most. All you need to do is decide on the color that you want.


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