AI-Designed G-Shock Sold for $400,000 at an Auction, Sets Record

G-Shock Sold for $400,000 at an Auction

Casio achieved a landmark success on 10 December  2023, by setting a new world record with the sale of a G-Shock watch for an unprecedented $400,000 at the Phillips auction in New York. This remarkable sale of the unique AI-designed G-Shock marks a historic moment for the brand. This sale made the G-D001 the most expensive G-Shock ever!

G-Shock Sold for $400,000 at Phillips Auction on 10 December 2023
G-Shock Sold for $400,000 at Phillips Auction on 10 December 2023. Source: Phillips

G-Shock 'Dream Project #2' G-D001

The watch in question, an 18-karat yellow gold G-Shock, was produced as a celebration of the brand's 40th anniversary. Developed in collaboration with artificial intelligence, the  G-Shock ‘Dream Project #2’ G-D001 stands out with its solar-powered capabilities and radio-controlled timekeeping.

Rewinding to five years ago, G-Shock introduced the original “Dream Project,” which included a limited series of 35 solid-gold watches, each priced at $70,000. In honor of its 40th anniversary, G-Shock embarked on a second edition, leveraging four decades of brand data. This data was fed into a tailor-made AI system to create a 3-D model that maximized strength, material quality, and manufacturing techniques, culminating in a 45 mm watch with innovative features.

I mean, it is evident that G-Shock has crafted a masterpiece of a timepiece, which splendidly showcases the exceptional craftsmanship that the Japanese brand is renowned for.

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The crafting process for this watch was intricate, utilizing a lost-wax casting method commonly seen in jewelry making. The resulting gold components were meticulously hand-polished to achieve a radiant finish. The watch diverges from the traditional G-Shock design with a transparent dial, abandoning the typical digital display for an analog one. This includes several independent hands for different functions, such as dual time zones and a timer.

This new model also debuts an entirely novel movement. The quartz power source, named Multi-Band 6, is designed for accuracy, receiving synchronization signals from atomic radio towers globally. Visible through the brushed metal mainplate are the silicon gears and ruby bearings, while the periphery of the dial houses efficient solar cells for power.

An additional noteworthy aspect of this sale is its philanthropic impact. All proceeds from the auction of this G-Shock are being donated to The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a nonprofit organization established in 1951, dedicated to the conservation of land and water resources around the world.

Watch Specifications of the G-Shock 'Dream Project #2'

Brand: G-Shock

Model: Dream Project #2

Reference: G-D001

Dial: Skeletonized with golden indices

Case material: Yellow gold

Diameter: 45.1 mm

Thickness: 14.3 mm

Crystal: Sapphire

Case back: Yellow gold

Movement: Specially designed solar-powered quartz movement

Water resistance: 200m

Strap: Yellow gold bracelet

Functions: Solar charging system, multiband 6 radio control, dual time, stopwatch, solar cell luminescence, date display


Message from the Father of G-Shock Kikuo Ibe

What lies beyond imagination

Ever since the 1983 launch of the very first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C, the brand has always embraced the challenge of continual evolution. We planned the first dream project for 2018, the year of the G-SHOCK 35th anniversary. 

That year, we presented the G-D5000, with a full-metal shock-resistant structure made of 18K gold — a timepiece symbolizing both the origin and innovation of G-SHOCK.

The father of G-Shock, Kikuo Ibe

Now, in 2023, we are proud to unveil a second dream project to commemorate 40 years of G-SHOCK, this time taking on the challenge of exploring new frontiers for the brand. We wanted to upend conventional notions, so we invited mostly young people to be on the project team — with a team of G-SHOCK veterans providing backup — truly a dream project. The team tackled every challenge with unprecedented approaches, including incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies into the design process. The fresh, new perspectives and techniques they applied culminated in the development of a very special timepiece: the G-D001.

The creative, original style of the exterior may offer a glimpse into the future of G-SHOCK. Even beyond this, however, I feel this watch poses a question to all of us: What is the vital essence of toughness? I have no doubt that the G-SHOCK quest for the ultimate will continue for decades to come, fulfilling the mission of constant evolution with unshakeable conviction.



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