History of Gerald Genta

History of Gerald Genta

We applaud the work of acclaimed watch designer Gerald Genta. In June, Sotheby’s auctioned an extraordinary collection of the iconic watchmaker’s drawings. Notable Swiss watch artist and designer Genta began his career with a highly respected chronograph manufacturer with business interests in Europe and the United States. In the 1950s, Genta developed the White Shadows and Golden models, which contained the micro-rotor, Accutron, and uniconic movement. 

History of Gerald Genta

 Known for high-end watches and collaboration with luxury watchmakers, Genta’s work sparked global praise from experts. Some liken Genta’s watch designs to Faberge eggs due to their attention to detail and impeccable quality.

Following the tradition of luxury watch designs, we offer a wide selection of collections and colors coupled with long-lasting durability. Inspired by iconic watchmakers, we welcome luxury watch enthusiasts to read the following information about the history of Gerald Genta. Our watches follow a strong tradition of quality, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship, and we recognize the significant contributions to watchmaking by the iconic Gerald Genta.

History of Gerald Genta

In 1969, Genta launched his own brand and created sonneries, including a watch priced at $810,200 with four gongs, which mimicked the Westminster Quarters bell every hour and each quarter hour. By 1994, he’d developed a watch called Grande Sonnerie Retro, priced at $2 million. The acclaimed watch designer also took private requests for watches, incorporating specialized dials and movements. With attention to every detail, Genta’s custom watches could take five years before completion.

In the history of Gerald Genta, the popularity of his timepieces skyrocketed due to the extraordinary quality and magnificent craftsmanship. Genta’s famous clientele included King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Queen Elizabeth England’s Queen Mother, Prince Rainier of Monaco, King Hassan of Morocco, Queen Sofia of Spain, and King Juan Carlos.

After Genta died in 2011, he left his wife Evelyne Genta more than 3200 designs. A vast collection of drawings, the designs include never before seen pieces. Sotheby auctioned these in 2022, along with NFT files for each drawing. In 2019, Evelyne launched an association called the Gerald Genta Heritage to recognize her husband’s contributions to the global watch industry and recognize talented young watchmakers. The group awards a yearly prize in Gerald Genta’s name to recognize gifted designers in the field.

Time spent working with well-known watch manufacturers sets the foundation for collaborative efforts with iconic watch brands to create some of the most popular timepieces in the history of watchmaking. These iconic watches include exceptional luxury and sports watches, which have found wide acceptance in celebrity circles.

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