Orbit Watch Winder

Orbit Watch Winder

Orbit Watch Winder – The Perfect Addition to Your Timekeeping Collection

Handcrafted and designed in Finland, the Orbit Watch Winder boasts luxury and elegance with its gyroscopic motion and polished concentric stainless steel rings. The Orbit Watch Winder is unique in that it impeccably mimics the motion of a tourbillon, one of the most sophisticated inventions in the history of watchmaking. 

The History of the Automatic Watch

John Harwood, a watchmaker from Bolton, England, invented the automatic, or Harwood Bumper wristwatch in 1923. The Harwood configuration used a pivoting weight which wound the mainspring as the wearer moved. The automatic watch continued to evolve when Rolex improved on Harwood’s design in 1930. Further improvements emerged in 1948 from Eterna Watch who introduced the use of ball bearings. In 2007, Carl F. Bucherer innovated a new technique without a rotor and centred on a geared ring, 

Why You Need the Orbit Watch Winder

The Orbit Watch Winder is a desirable addition to your timekeeping collection since it removes your need to spend time setting your automatic watch. You basically set it and forget it and use your free time to devote to other priorities. 

Quiet Operation and Versatility

The creators of the Orbit Watch Winder designed the mechanism with tight tolerances. Therefore, its motor operates with precision and whisper-like silence. Other great benefits of the Orbit Watch Winder are its ability to adapt to match any wrist strap length and the inclusion of a set of weights used to balance any watch with the gyroscope. 

Easy and Simple to Operate

You power the Orbit Watch Winder with a universal AC adapter. Then you begin its winding cycle with the simple touch of a single button.

The power button has two modes. The regular mode rotates the winder for five minutes then pauses for 25 minutes. The cycle begins again after the pause. You access the second mode via a long press of the power button. The Orbit Watch Winder rotates for five minutes then stops for five minutes during the first 12 hours of operation. The winder subsequently stops for 12 hours then begins the cycle again. You can use this mode when the watch is on display or to wind it quickly. Rotation will stop for the night when you select this mode in the morning.

The second control you will want to take advantage of is the knurled control knob for governing the speed of the Orbit Watch Winder.

Choice Construction Materials

As previously mentioned, the eye-catching rings of the gyroscopic Orbit Watch Winder are constructed of the finest stainless and brushed steel. When in motion, the concentric rings of the gyroscope reflect the light at various and pleasing angles.

There is also a choice of luxury bases for your Orbit Watch Winder. You can choose birch, walnut, or piano black bases. These options are sure to captivate your eye and accentuate your timekeeping collection.

The diameter of the base is 22 cm and the height from the bottom of the base to the top of the glass dome is 23 cm. Your dressing table will certainly accommodate the Orbit Watch Winder with such conservative dimensions. The Orbit Watch Winder boasts an amazing two-year international warranty.


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