Rainbow G-Shock

Rainbow G-Shock

The stainless steel bezel on this analogue-digital rainbow G-Shock has been hammered, cut, and polished to give it its distinctive design. The bezel of the rainbow G-Shock has a unique rainbow ion plating (IP) finish, and the tiny dial has a multi-colour coating.

It is distinctive in that the middle portion of the bezel has a rainbow IP that is in line with the bands, while the right and left sides have a conventional gold IP. The dial is multicoloured, keeping with the rainbow concept, and the watch includes red and blue bands that give the impression of being translucent.

Rainbow G-Shock

History of the G-Shock.

Engineer Kikuo Ibe, chief of watch design at Casio, set out to create a timepiece that wouldn’t break even if it were dropped in 1981. He wanted to make a watch that could endure the shock of gravity, hence the name G-SHOCK.

In 1998 221 different G-Shock watch models were introduced. Between 100 and 150 models have been released in recent years. These staggering figures demonstrate how well-liked the G-Shock is all around the world. Since the first G-Shock watch hit the market in 1983, nearly 70 million have been sold.

A great addition to your watch collection.

This tough multicoloured timepiece, often known as the “Rainbow Mountain,” showcases the beauty of uniqueness. The unusual features of the new limited edition rainbow G-SHOCK are best described by the noun “palimpsest,” which means an object that has been transformed but still shows signs of its prior form. Though, when seen up close, words don’t seem to capture the charm of this timepiece.`

Early reviews emphasized this timepiece’s vibrant design, but its most appealing features have nothing to do with that. No, what has piqued our interest in the rest of the MT-G series are the aspects that have been removed from “Rainbow Mountain.”

How does it feel on your wrist?

The rainbow G-Shock is a unique watch. It is nonetheless surprisingly light considering its size and use of metal components. You can now wear huge watches if you have small wrists because the rainbow g shock fits them so well.

Why the G-Shock is one of a kind.

The fact that G-SHOCK creates watches for all types of enthusiasts without apology is one of the reasons why it is so popular among collectors. The high-end rainbow g-shock series is as tough as an entry-level G-SHOCK while displaying the creativity and ingenuity of a wristwatch created by the most cutting-edge luxury watchmakers. It also provides a detailed picture.

Pricing and availability.

G-SHOCK has not yet revealed how many of the limited edition MTGB2000XMG1 “Rainbow Mountain” watches will be made. But when it is, the cost is $1,150. For further information, go to the G-SHOCK website.

The life span of a G-Shock.

The simple answer is that you can expect your G-Shock's battery to survive anywhere between two and fifteen years, with five to six years being a reasonable expectation. It all depends on how you use the watch and whether you have one of the durable solar G-Shock models as to how long it will survive or not.


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