Top Swiss Watch Brands 2022 - A Report By Morgan Stanley

Top Swiss Watch Brands 2022 - A Report By Morgan Stanley

The much-anticipated Watches and Wonders in Geneva and the whirlwind of new products have been the talk of the town and social media. For example, people been talking about the new Rolex watches or the discontinued models. Another hot topic on everyone's minds will be Morgan Stanley's annual report on the luxury watch industry,  

The leading global financial services firm, has released an insightful and comprehensive report on the top Swiss watch brands dominating the luxury timepiece industry.

This report specifically focuses on the top Swiss watch brands that have made their mark in the global market. The report delves into the dynamic market trends, intricate craftsmanship, and innovative technology that set these top Swiss watch brands apart. It also highlights these brands' significant contributions to Switzerland's economy and the global luxury goods market. 

In this article, I have carefully distilled the findings from Morgan Stanley's report to present the definitive list of the 10 brands in top Swiss watch brands 2022. These brands have demonstrated outstanding performance and innovation, solidifying their positions as industry leaders in the world of luxury timepieces. 

While some familiar names continue to maintain their stronghold in the market, there have been several notable positional changes among the top 10 Swiss watch brands compared to last year. 

So, what are the top Swiss watch brands 2022? Based on Morgan Stanley's report 2023, they are Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Longines, IWC, Breitling, and Vacheron Constantin. Those are the brands in the top 10.

Update: The 2023 top Swiss watch brands are live.

Rolex Reigns Supreme: Securing the Number One Spot Among Top Swiss Watch Brands 2022

Top Swiss Watch Brands 2022
Top ​​Swiss watch brands 2022 - Rolex is still the winner
Top 10 Swiss Watch Brands 2022
Source:Luxe Consulting​​

Surprising exactly nobody who follows the watch industry, Rolex has secured its number one position. 

According to the report, Rolex maintained its supremacy as the leading Swiss brand, boasting sales of 9.3 billion francs and capturing a 29% market share.

Richemont's Cartier secured the second position with sales of 2.75 billion francs, while Swatch Group's Omega claimed the third spot, achieving 2.45 billion in sales. 

According to the report, the subsequent top contenders in the ranking were Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille. 


Breitling and Vacheron Constantin Broke Through: Entering the Top 10 Swiss Watch Brands

Top 10 Swiss Watch Brands 2022 - Breitling
Top ​​Swiss Watch Brands 2022 - Breitling Entered the top 10 in 2022. Source: Breitling

Breitling and Vacheron Constantin made impressive strides in the luxury watch market, entering their positions in the top 10 Swiss watch brands 2022. 

One of the reasons that I have in mind is that the brands increased their production volume, consequently boosting their turnover. 

This strategic move allowed the two brands to effectively cater to the growing demand for their timepieces and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the ever-evolving luxury watch market. Their ability to expand production and meet consumer expectations is key to their success and ascent within the highly competitive industry. 

The inclusion of these two brands in the top 10 Swiss watch brands of 2022 speaks volumes about their ability to adapt and thrive in a competitive market. 

Longines Faced a Setback: Lower Sales Pushed the Brand from 5th to 7th Position

Top 10 Swiss Watch Brands 2022
Top 10 Swiss Watch Brands 2022 - Longines Dropped to7th Position in 2022. Source: gear Patrol​​

Longines experienced a drop to the 7th position in the ranking due to a decrease in their production output in 2022. 

Their production unit amounted to 1,700,000, which was 100,000 less than the previous year. As a result, their turnover in 2022 reached 1.208 billion CHF, a significant decline from the 1.540 billion CHF reported in 2021. 

This decrease in production and subsequent reduction in turnover has impacted the brand's standing among its competitors in the luxury watch market. 

MoonSwatch Propeled Swatch: The Fastest Growing Brand in the Luxury Watch Market 2022

MoonSwatch Propeled Swatch: The Fastest Growing Brand in the Luxury Watch Market 2022
MoonSwatch Propeled​​ Swatch: The Fastest Growing Brand in the Luxury Watch Market 2022

The SwatchXOmega MoonSwatch collaboration proved to be a game-changer for Swatch, as it skyrocketed the brand to the position of the fastest-growing luxury watch brand. The runaway success of this unique partnership saw Swatch's sales soaring by an impressive 90% in 2022. 

The MoonSwatch propelled Swatch Group back to the top as the leading volume contributor in the Swiss watch industry. Last year, the group sold an estimated 4.9 million timepieces across its multiple brands, including Omega, Longines, Tissot, and Swatch. 

Swatch Group and Rolex now stand as the two major drivers of volume growth for the industry, with Rolex production increasing by an estimated 150,000 units in 2022. 

This innovative collaboration brought together the best of both brands, combining Swatch's affordability and playfulness with Omega's prestigious heritage and expertise in horology. 

The MoonSwatch collection managed to capture the attention of both seasoned watch collectors and casual enthusiasts, resulting in a significant boost in the brand's sales and overall market presence. 



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