Tourbillon Watch Winder: A Simple Device to Protect Your Watches

Tourbillon Watch Winder

The Tourbillon Watch Winder is the perfect tool to preserve a watch’s functionality with precision and elegance. Think of the Aston Martin. The Aston Martins of watch winders are the Tourbillon watch winders. This watch winder is more of a work of art than a normal watch winder.

You can see every characteristic feature of the Tourbillon within a durable crystal glass sleeve casing. It is a single-watch winder. This means that you can only fit one watch in the glass enclosure.

Tourbillon Watch Winder

The outcome of combining traditional watchmaking skills with modern digital design is an extremely elegant and sophisticated watch winder.

When used together, they have the functionality of a winder and the motion of a tourbillon. This high-tech gadget maintains the watch wound and is beautifully displayed.  It will save you from the time-consuming process of setting the time on an automatic watch.

Classic Meets Modern

The revolutionary digital allows for the digital display of the exact time and number of turns per day. It effectively emulates a day of wrist wear. The most unique feature of this watch winder is the photo-optic system. This system effectively counts each cylinder rotation and automatically advances the rest position after each rotation. The effect of this feature is that the watch accuracy errors caused by magnetism are negated.

For accuracy errors to be negated, the mechanical watch must be on the winder. At midnight, the digital display automatically resets. For a dramatic visual effect, Tourbillon Watch winders come fitted with blue-flashing LED lights around the display glass. All operations on the device are enabled by the supplied universal power adapter.

The crystal glass enclosure is open on both sides. This will give you to easily attach the power cord at the back of the watch winder and access its drum. In cases where you need to set time manually, the Tourbillon watch winder is designed with push-button controls, as well as a variety of flash rate controls for the LED lighting.

Time Piece Security

Watch enthusiasts are known for their love for detail in every wristwatch. The museum-quality exhibition case comes with a soft scratch-resistant cushion. This keeps your wristwatch safely in place within the plastic-lined stainless steel cylinder barrels on the watch winder. The glass dome sits perfectly on the polished wooden base, enhancing the security of your wristwatch.

Elegance and Fashion

Two finishes of the Tourbillon watch winders are available on the market. The contemporary carbon fiber effect with a polished chrome cage and the elegant gold-plated cage with rich mahogany and brown wooden base. Compared to other watch winders, the Tourbillon watch winder is not meant to be hidden away. Its meticulous standards and elegance will motivate you to let it sit proudly on display for everyone to enjoy its distinction.

People with taste know that it’s the little details that make them stand out. As a wristwatch lover, there is no better way to do that than adding this winder to your collection of accessories!


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