Watch Movement Cufflinks

Watch Movement Cufflinks

Here at IFLW we have a great range of watch movement cufflinks, Made from genuine watch movements, these cufflinks are sure to add a classy and unique touch to any man’s wardrobe.

A little about the features

You might be wondering why you should buy one (or more) of our watch movement cufflinks, but the simple answer is that we offer great quality and excellent value for money

Watch Movement Cufflinks

All of our products are hand-made in Europe using genuine parts that have been previously used as fully functioning watches. As they are handmade there are tiny differences in each pair of watch movement cufflinks, therefore each item is unique, even if you buy two pairs of the same brand. 

Watch movement cufflinks as a gift

As each pair of cufflinks is unique, they make a perfect gift for loved ones. They are also ideal as corporate gifts such as part of a retirement package, or if you are looking to make a great impression on a new client. Each pair comes in a lovely presentation box, which helps to offer a little elegance, and lovely finish to each item.

What brands do we offer?

1. Chaika watch cufflinks

Chaika watch cufflinks are a unique and sophisticated accessory, combining style with function. They are designed using miniature Chaika watches, a prominent brand of timepieces that originated in the Soviet Union during the 1950s. They are Known for their reliable and precise movements,

Crafted from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or gold-plated brass, Chaika watch cufflinks not only serve as a stylish accent to a dress shirt but also offer the practical purpose of keeping track of time.

2. Luch II watch cufflinks

Made from premium materials such as stainless steel or gold-plated brass, Luch II watch cufflinks not only add a touch of sophistication to a dress shirt but also offer the practicality of keeping time within easy view.

The streamlined appearance of these cufflinks showcases the brand's commitment to precise engineering and contemporary design. Luch II watch cufflinks are highly sought after by collectors and admirers of fine timepieces, as they represent a union of horological artistry and Belarusian craftsmanship.

3. Zaria XVI watch cufflinks

Constructed using premium materials such as stainless steel or gold-plated brass, Zaria XVI watch cufflinks serve as both a fashionable adornment for a dress shirt and a practical timekeeping accessory. The timeless design of these cufflinks captivates collectors and aficionados of fine timepieces, who value the unique fusion of history, artistry, and watchmaking expertise they represent. Whether worn as a statement accessory or as a subtle tribute to the legacy of Zaria watches, Zaria XVI watch cufflinks provide a distinctive and sophisticated touch to any formal ensemble. 


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