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Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary is a Canadian businessman, investor, journalist, and television personality. He has appeared on various Canadian television programs and, since 2009, has been a staple on Shark Tank, the American version of Dragon's Den. 

Known for his impeccable style on Shark Tank, he consistently sports a tailored suit, trademark red tie, matching pocket square, gleaming collar pin, and gold cufflinks. Given this sartorial elegance, it's no surprise that he also adorns himself with luxury timepieces such as Rolex Daytona Rainbow ‘Eye of the Tiger’  or the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Rainbow the. Interestingly, he seems to have a penchant for red rubber straps. He often switches out the original strap or bracelet of his watches for a red one.

Continue reading this blog post to discover the luxury timepieces we can find in Kevin O'Leary watch collection.

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Rolex Daytona 'Panda' 116500LN

Kevin O

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Rolex Daytona 'Panda' 116500LN

To begin with, there's a particular Rolex watch that is in high demand and challenging to acquire. I'm referring to the Rolex Daytona 'Panda' 116500LN, a steel Daytona introduced at Baselworld 2016.

This model showcases a new monobloc Cerachrom bezel in black ceramic, boasting an updated tachymeter design and replacing the older engraved metal bezel. The Cerachrom used in the bezel is an innovative material developed by Rolex. It's a notable shift from the engraved metal bezel on the preceding Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. Cerachrom is remarkably scratch-resistant owing to its hardness. Furthermore, it ensures that the black bezel remains unfaded, thanks to its resistance to the effects of UV rays.

The 116500LN was discontinued during Watches and Wonders 2023 and was succeeded by the upgraded 126500LN model.

Market price: ~$35,000.


Kevin O'Leary Watch - Rolex Daytona 'Eye of the Tiger' 116588TBR

Kevin O

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Rolex Daytona 'Eye of the Tiger'  116588TBR

In the picture we see him wearing a Rolex Daytona ‘Eye of the Tiger’ 116588TBR that was introduced at Baselworld 2019. This release was arguably the most unexpected and peculiar at the event. Although diamond-encrusted Rolex Daytonas are not unprecedented, the dial of the 116588TBR sets it apart. Moreover, the 18k yellow gold and diamond-set, wave-like pattern on the black polished dial evokes the appearance of a tiger's fur.

The bezel is embellished with 36 baguette-cut diamonds, while the dial showcases numerous additional diamonds. The golden dial includes hand-crafted patterns, the gold Rolex emblem, and engraved 15, 30, and 45 numerals. Diamonds also serve as markers for the other indices.

This exceptional timepiece has a retail price of approximately $90,000, but its market value currently exceeds $200,000 comfortably. 

It seems this watch is liked by many celebrities like LeBron James, DJ Khaled, Neymar Jr, Conor McGregor, Erling Haaland, etc.

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Rainbow 7968/300R

Kevin O

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Rainbow 7968/300R

In October 2022, Patek Philippe unveiled its first-ever automatic ladies' chronograph within the contemporary and refined Aquanaut Luce collection.

The 40mm Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Rainbow 7968/300R showcases a white mother-of-pearl dial, adorned with the Aquanaut pattern, baguette multi-colored sapphire hour markers, and gold applied numerals.

Furthermore, the watch is embellished with 40 multi-colored sapphires, totaling 2.31 carats, and 40 diamonds totaling 2.05 carats on the bezel. The hour markers include 12 multi-colored sapphires adding up to 0.31 carat. Additionally, there are 10 diamonds, equal to 0.36 carat, on the fold-over clasp. In total, the timepiece houses 52 baguette-cut multi-colored sapphires (2.62 carats) and 50 baguette-cut diamonds (2.41 carats).

Retail price: $212,750.

Market price: ~$500,000.

Believe or not, despite it is made for women, but many male celebrities also own this timepiece like Corey Gamble, and Lionel Messi.

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A

Kevin O

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-010 is a fancy watch with a blue face. It looks good and works well. The watch has a 40mm metal frame and a metal band, and the face has a nice blue shade.

It runs on a special mechanism, the 324SC, that winds itself and can keep the watch working for 45 hours. There's also a date section on the face at the 3 o'clock spot. You can see the inside parts of the watch through the back, which is made of clear sapphire crystal.

You can wear it while swimming or snorkeling because it's safe in water up to 120 meters deep. The watch stays tight on your wrist because of its twist-to-lock feature and its sturdy band that clicks shut.

Market price: ~$113,000.

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Piece Unique

Kevin O

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Piece Unique

Kevin O'Leary shared a video on his social media where he was crying while buying a fancy Swiss watch that costs a lot. People online made fun of the "Shark Tank" show host because of this.

In the video, he's looking at his new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Openworked  that has a special see-through face. The timepiece boasts a ruby-set bezel and a skeleton dial with ruby hour markers, perfect for any luxury watch lover. And this is a piece unique!

Audemars Piguet doesn't show how much its watches cost on its website. But if you look at other sites that sell watches, similar ones start at about $100,000 and can cost up to $700,000.

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Rolex Day-Date with a Puzzle Dial 128238-0106

Kevin O

Kevin O'Leary Watch - Rolex Day-Date with a Puzzle Dial 128239-0106

Recently in August 2023, Kevin O'Leary visited a Rolex AD and got his new Rolex watch, the 36mm Rolex Day-Date with a puzzle or jigsaw dial in yellow gold. 

This timepiece was introduced at the Watches and Wonders 2023 with some other incredible Rolex watches. 

Crafted from white, rose, or yellow gold, these watches boast a unique jigsaw puzzle enamel face and two intriguing complications. Rather than displaying the day in the 12 o'clock window, it showcases "inspirational" keywords like 'Happy,' 'Eternity,' 'Gratitude,' 'Peace,' 'Faith,' 'Love,' and 'Hope.' Meanwhile, the conventional date window at 3 o'clock reveals 31 distinct emojis daily. The dial's hour markings consist of 10 baguette-cut sapphires in six matching shades.

Singer John Mayer has the white gold version while Tom Brady the rose gold model.



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