Watch winders for sale in Australia

Watch winders for sale in Australia

If you are looking for watch winders for sale in Australia, it is worth first understanding what a watch winder is. Many watch enthusiasts prefer a mechanical watch to a digital one because it expresses the perfect nature of a watchmaker’s craft. If you own an automatic watch, you probably wonder whether you should purchase a watch winder. Before you can understand how a watch winder works, a quick explanation of the workings of a mechanical watch is necessary. 

How does an automatic watch work?

An automatic watch is fitted with various internal components, like gears that spin to achieve different motions. Timekeeping is usually performed by the escarpment and oscillator working simultaneously.

Watch winders for sale in Australia

The dial train helps to direct the activity of the dials on the face of the watch. The most relevant part of the mechanical watch to this article is the mainspring. 

The mainspring is the part of the watch that stores up energy which is released gradually to keep the machine spinning. This is the part that powers your mechanical watch. Most mainsprings are made of a piece of metal that joins the winding mechanism to the dial trains or gears. If you have a very good mechanical watch, you can go for days without having to wind it. However, most people might require to wind their automatic watch every night to keep it ticking. A watch winder performs this function.

Watch winders and how they function

The ‘quartz revolution’ threatened to make obsolete the mechanical watch. Automatic watches are now viewed as stylish and luxurious items. While digital watches employ a quartz crystal and a Lithium-ion battery to run, a mechanical watch harnesses the movement of your wrist to power its gears.

The rudimentary design of a watch winder is a box that has cushioned slots for one or more automatic watches. The watch winder is quite simple to use. Whenever your watch is not on your wrist, you place it in the box and allow it to perform its magic. The watch winder mimics the movement of a human wrist. The mainspring of your mechanical watch will then constantly store up energy.

Get the best range of watch winders for sale in Australia

If you need a watch winder vendor who will offer you the best products in Australia and at a reduced cost, you needn’t look any further. There are numerous advantages of buying your watch winder from a reliable online store compared to a physical one. You will have access to various designs of mechanical watch winders and enjoy the lowest possible prices. You will get the best quality watch winders delivered speedily to your doorstep.

Will a watch winder damage my mechanical watch?

All watches are designed to withstand wear and tear when on your wrist. Your automatic watch is safer in the winder than when you are wearing it. In order to keep the mechanism of the watch properly oiled and working, it is advisable to ensure that it is always in motion by using a reliable automatic watch winder.


The growing popularity of mechanical watches is not a surprise at all. They are among the most well-crafted, reliable, and stylish watches. Watch winders make it possible for people who love retro watches to enjoy them without worrying it will wind down and stop ticking.


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